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it Is believed that the exclusives for the Game at all. Unfortunately, owners of devices on this platform, it is not misleading. Really exclusives are released very rarely and in majority of cases, they quickly move to iOS. But, whatever it was there are pleasant exceptions, which we'll discuss in this article. And so if your gadget inhabits the green little robot, then you have ect 5 reasons to be proud.

But before, go directly to the actual games, you need to think of another 1-well bright chip devices on the Android platform. This is a single-chip system NVIDIA Terga, as well as a separate service Tegra Zone, which gives the opportunity to buy and use games from PC to handheld. NVIDIA never differed a special modesty, so Tegra Zone has a lot of cool games: platformer Trine, the cult shooter Half-Life 2. now open you a secret: the presence of Tegra is not necessary. You will only need GLTools - utilities, which can be found in Google Play. Purchase any game that you like, launch the driver forward and most importantly if only it had sufficient power.


5 exclusives for Android:

  • The Conduit HD. This is the most usual corridor shooter. On 9 levels, which is devoted to the shooting of the aliens, even have some semblance of a plot. In The Conduit HD play best with a controller, but touch control is also very convenient. For very lazy gamers there is an automatic firing. This game has a lot of Luzia (18 trunks with unique firing modes)
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  • EXILES: Far Colony. The events in this game occur on space remote frontier where the main character has to face: global conspiracies, corruption of power and evil insect-like creatures. Great picture, impressive open world and the variety of opportunities in which time the developer could make a game console quality for handhelds that you just can't get their attention;
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  • Gem Miner 2. The essence of the game is the search for various earth resources, after which findings are converted into the currency. A miner can dig, build, blow up hard rock and many others That he was, he needs to eat and have the tools. And the one and the other is bought for money. In the game you can either just dig for fun or come simple mission;
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  • Ikaruga. This is a very fun scrolling shooter, which is one of hardcoreish games of our time, suddenly very suddenly reborn on Android. To be successful you need the accuracy, responsiveness and precision control. Even despite the fact that with an analog controller to play much easier, the sensor is so successfully doing its job, you soon choose disable automatic mode of fire, that they might take things into their own hands. The game is simple: you fly, you shoot
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  • Robo Defense. Initially there is only the direction whence the enemies and an even field. You can place the tower, which has 3-ri: long-range, slow-wave and rapid-fire with a small radius. Killing waves of enemies you will receive money that will be able to improve the already constructed towers or build new ones. The more, the smarter strategy, more features and more sophisticated building protective barriers.

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