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If we talk about the kinds of Windows and doors, their is 2 island: good old fashion wood and now plastic. On the latter, we'll talk further. Plastic doors, Windows and glazing of balconies - it is no longer a luxury. Now they have become very popular and more affordable for people who want to replace their old wooden Windows on fashionable Windows of metal. But before to buy any goods, you need to know its pros and cons and the plastic window is no exception. Next, we consider the advantages and disadvantages of this type of Windows so that you can make the right choice. And tell us about them Circassians A.V. - the employee of the company PLASTIC WINDOWS in the REGION in which you have the opportunity to buy and other Russian cities.


Advantages of plastic Windows:

  • Durability. Long service life is achieved through the use of material for producing these products. High-quality and properly installed plastic doors and Windows can last for at least twenty-five years or more;
  • Excellent tightness. A well-fitting rubber seals contribute to tightness, while protecting the room from penetration of hot or cold air, as well as from noise and dust;
  • Ease of maintenance. There is no need to repair, lacquering or painting the frames. Cleaning produce the most conventional detergents.

unfortunately, in our world nothing is perfect, doors and Windows from plastic are also no exception and they have their drawbacks.


Cons of plastic Windows:

  • the exact Same excellent tightness. If you do not ventilate the room, tight-fitting doors and Windows contribute to the greenhouse effect;
  • Susceptibility to damage. Traces of such injuries as: break the frame, scrapes and scratches do not heal . In order to eliminate them, you will need to call the experts.


But despite its drawbacks, plastic doors and Windows have just very popular, and this suggests that the pros cover all the flaws.

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