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the Process of cognition of the surrounding world and learning without books is impossible. Each online store has a large assortment of printed products of different directions. For a convenient search creators place all products by categories, i.e., topics. If you are interested in teaching books from a specific publisher, it is possible to navigate the search and its name.

online store School Dream operates in the market of printing products for more than a year. During this time established cooperation with the best suppliers and domestic publishers. Main advantages - a large selection of popular and highly-specialized benefits, high quality printing, fast processing of orders. In this online store and educational literature are offered at the lowest prices. Take advantage of the excellent opportunity and get everything you need for training on favorable terms. By the way, you can visit on the website:


the variety of training books

Category divided depending on the direction and themes.

  • Students offered new textbook for kindergartens, elementary, middle and senior classes;
  • the
  • Many interesting suggestions for preparing for the exam;
  • the
  • Teachers will be interested in modern examples of visual AIDS and methodological literature;
  • the
  • a Significant percentage of the catalog consists of educational benefits for high school. Students have the opportunity to choose the most current textbooks recommended by the MES for training.

online store School Dream offers a unique service - the book is on order. Not find the author or name in the directory? In a hurry to leave the site. Order employees. They will find the right book for you in the shortest possible time.


children's Books

School Dream has a wide range of literature for the youngest readers. Curious kids learn about the world and never limited to textbooks. For the development of imagination, vocabulary and imagination is very important to not only read educational books. Tales, adventure novels and non-fiction contribute to the harmonious development. Check out the baby book and purchase for your baby the best specimens from Ukrainian publishers.

Children are always eagerly waiting for the arrival of winter. This is a great opportunity to play in the snow, sculpt a snowman, get a long-awaited gift from Santa Claus. Staff are preparing for new year holidays with a special mood and are looking for the best kids toys. One of the most sought after gift - a brand new sled. This store offers children's toys of high quality at lowest price. So many new products in the section of children's goods for winter fun. You can choose to buy a sled or skis in the category of toys and make your child a wonderful gift for the coming New year.

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