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Sometimes it happens that the next purchase after a while ceases to please. Then as it turns out, it is not in harmony with any item of clothing, she has not the color, size, style. And indeed it was necessary to take another. Succumbing to emotions, we acquire unnecessary things. Before you buy better to consider a few basic rules of choice, so the acquisition brings only positive emotions:

  • the First thing you should pay attention style and design. You just have to imagine what and where you will wear their favorite product. Everyday accessory must be suitable and match the styles with most things in the wardrobe that evening to fit clothes on the way out. The handbag need to walk , you wouldn't want the thing hung a dead weight in the closet: it is elementary to go out of fashion or acquire an unpleasant stale smell;
  • Color scheme products also have to be considered: classic black is always in fashion and will fit almost any things. the Women's black bag this option is for everyday routine. This versatile accessory can be worn in any season and it will be always to the point;
  • the Shape of the bag is also important. Stylists recommend the tall, thin women are not to buy very small bags on long straps. It's even more visually lengthens the figure, it is better to choose models with width more than height. Little low girl, from the point of view of style, do not recommend to buy big, bulky bags with small handles and carry them on your shoulder. Visually, the figure below will appear. For full figure three-dimensional accessories, too and just make it add pounds. If need bag for documents and folders, then on the form it is better to choose a roomy and rectangular, preferably with solid walls. If you plan to wear odd-size things, you should pay attention to models with soft walls. Imagine how favourite bag would look on your shoulder or in your hands, how it will look in proportion with your figure. Everything must fit;
  • a Very important criterion for selection is the functionality and material of manufacture. ladies handbag needs to be practical and comfortable, to accommodate all the necessary stuff and have a decent look. When buying you should test the hardware: zippers should not jam, locks, buttons should be well out and be well sewn. The seams in the lining should be smooth, without gaps or loose threads, and the lining is made of natural silk, gut or nylon. To the touch it should be soft, but durable. Chinese models cheap lining fabric to the touch of glass , this material lasts long and fast breaks. The best material for bags is natural leather. It is durable, wear-resistance, uniform color, not fade, no deformation and not oblazit. the ladies leather bag with proper care, looks expensive and prestigious for many years after purchase. It is the pride of its owner and the envy of others.

Where to buy?

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