How to choose the right respirator?

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We all know which respirator is best to choose to best protect you from the many dust and paint during repair.


What are the allocate types of respirators?

it is Important to know that there are several types of masks:

  • /
  • the
  • Dust;
  • the
  • With flap
  • the
  • Filtering;
  • the
  • half mask Respirator;
  • the
  • Respirator mask and many others.

If we talk about simple disposable respirators, which are of type "petal" with valve or even without it, and with a layer directly from the coal or without it, we this article is very detailed and will not be considered. This is for the reason that the price for such respirators in average is not higher than 300 rubles. It is clear that it is compared to buying a cheap half-mask and replacement cartridges that are designed for it. More information about respirators, visit the website: .

it is Important to note that we are talking about a variety of disposable masks and replaceable filters directly one class, which are designed to protect. It is clear that if you look at this cheap disposable respirator for protection against dust and aerosol for 30-40 rubles, and replacement filters that use against vapors and various acid gases, the price, of course, that will differ considerably. Generally speaking, disposable respirator to begin work when its type (as type other replacement filters for the masks and even the half-face masks) will be selected in accordance with the ink composition that is used or varnish (read more about it you will learn in the following article).

Note that the cheapest on a respirator, which costs about 25 rubles not protect from anything because it is often designed, as indicated on the reverse side of their packaging, in order "to isolate sensitive equipment and components from the breath of the person working with them." Its the place to be on a Chinese factory, which is engaged in the collection of iPhones, but not on a large construction site.

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