Higher education in the Czech Republic

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It is clear that any undertaking often requires both minesimum sobriety of mind and some comparisons. And if it comes to the very foundation of our future - higher education you will have a good enough just to strain brains to weigh everything and make the right choice - a choice of high school.

In the Czech Republic there are 30 state and somewhere it as much private. And not always a part ofny state universities university inferior quality of knowledge, because most often private institutions are usually created by foreign companies, which is quite want to prepare specialists for themselves.

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The knowledge of the Czech language - it is mandatory condition for easy entry into The State hasgovernmental institutions of higher learning! I think that learning a language will not be such a big stumbling block is for those wishing to get enough quality education with tremendous prospects for employment in Europe, especially because you can simply learn in less than a normal year, it was suggested language courses abroad.

While some applicants are not zhelSingle usually spend a year studying at simple language, without any problems simply enter the commercial college. In almost all such institutions have intensive language courses. 3-4 months, students can take the session Czech. And after years of training, they are transferred to the second year of public high school.

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Students in the Czech Republic can receive   benefits. Conventional housing allowance - paid by the university, the amount is often varies from 20 to 30 euros a month.

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