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How to travel to Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka – wonderful and interesting country, and certainly many tourists dream about how to get there. This is especially true desire to get there, it became ayl once in 2010 in the country which lasted over several decades of civil war and at peace, tranquility and security of tourists as necessary. Yes, today Sri Lanka has become one of the safest countries in the world, and one of the reasons become strict security measures after the war. But tourists, fortunately, these measuresdo not affect the worse, but only for the better.

So, if you have a dream, too, there is a desire to visit this exotic island-state, why not make this vision a reality. You probably immediately say: « No, it's expensive. Tours are very expensive, better   three times go to Turkey for the money & raquo ;. Part of youright. But this problem is easily solved if you decide on an independent trip to Sri Lanka. This is nothing terrible and difficult not. In this article we will reveal some of the basics for the organization of independent travel to Sri Lanka, well, you can specify the details of the many other sources on the Internet.

So, first question will arisevisa. Visa for Sri Lanka is not needed. However visa replaces special electronic travel authorization (ETA). In practice, ETA is the same as that of Visa in other countries. The only difference is that in order to arrange ETA, no need to visit the embassy or contact the firm for its execution. Done it all by itselfthrough a special official site You simply enter your details, pay a fee of $ 30 via credit card and get permission by e-mail. As you can see, everything is really easy. And if you can not make a permit through the Internet, for whatever reason, then easily be able to OforiMit his arrival at the airport, only this time for $ 35.

On the visa sorted out, now it is necessary to understand how to actually get to Sri Lanka. The only way to get to the island – on the plane. If you have your own boat, you can swim there and on the water. But, I think. If you had a yacht, you would see this article or read. So:

In Sri Lanka from Russia and the CIS are many airlines flying. But performs only direct flights airline Sri Lanka Airlines. But we should not strive to get to Sri Lanka certainly a direct flight. So it turns out that there fly with a transfer cheaper than directly. Such are the paradoxes are in passenger traffic. Search for cheap flights from Russia to Sri Lanka should have airlines Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and AirArabia. But maybe you will find other options.

Most airlines arrive flying to the international airport of Sri Lanka – Colombo airport. From there, you already need to get to the desired resort, and here you are on vacation. Here allCertainly seems simple enough. But, according to the site « Our Planet » in a detailed article:

« Unfortunately, the public transportation service airport is underdeveloped. There is no airport shuttle bus to Colombo, there is no railway. Get to your destination in Sri Lanka from the aeroPort is not always easy and cheap & raquo ;. However, in the same article in detail painted all the ways on how and where you can get in Sri Lanka from the airport.

However, to get to the resort and check in to the hotel, it is only half the battle. After all, you need something else to do, as something fun and somehow behave so as not to get into troubleuw. Therefore, we recommend at least another search and read on the Internet before the trip information on Sri Lanka on the themes:

  • Security in Sri Lanka, the tradition of behavior;
  • Kitchen Sri Lanka;
  • Things to Sri Lanka;
  • Customs regulations of Sri Lanka;
  • Currency and money SriLanka.

Good luck with your trip to the country of elephants and exotic!

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