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People tend to gather and spend time together this is how our society. But it's one thing when friends gather at someone's house to socialize, drink and drink some beer, watch TV, etc. It's a private matter. A completely different situation and norms of responsibility arise when the meeting involved significantly more people and it all occurs more or less officially.

For example, you are going to an Amateur football match or the concert of her favorite artist. The first thing that should come to mind is the possibility of a rather close contact between the participants and possible spectators. And there, where contact large numbers of people, there is a direct and indirect risk to their health or even life. Therefore, any organizer should consider and secure .


Why do I need support?

You may ask, why should a man worry about such things, if medicine has to do with doctors in hospitals? That may be so, but there still need to get, if anything. And here arises the obvious question is how to do it not only quickly but also correctly so as not to hurt? In life anything can happen and the person can suddenly become ill or it is injured. In these cases you need to react frequently and quickly, to save his life.

But what are we doing on the Protocol, as we learn from the TV? Almost certainly in great and fun company, which participates in the event, there is not one professional or at least a simple person that remotely understands how to give first aid in different situations. Therefore, all frantically start dialing the ambulance, in a state of some shock trying to explain what happened, then waiting for the ambulance gets here, which should stabilize and deliver the victim to the hospital.

no matter How offensive to talk about it, but on the face of the loss of time, especially at the initial stage, when it is important to react. To prevent this and to protect yourself and other participants in the event, you can go to private or public medical companies that provide such support.


What it is what are the advantages?

Under medical support are usually aware of check out and watch the event ambulance crews. Thus, during the whole time, while there is a concert, sporting event, anniversary in the restaurant, etc., somewhere on the sidelines to grease the image of the operator and the atmosphere will be expecting a team of doctors quick response. Of course, it's better for everyone if their duty will be uneventful, but if anything, this approach has obvious advantages:

  • need, and most importantly, professional assistance will be provided to the victim immediately without losing precious time;
  • the Patient will be if necessary dopravcem to hospital without waiting for ambulance she is surely here on the site.

Each private or public medical company provides these services on different terms, i.e. it can use different options:

  • the duty of medical personnel for the duration of the event;
  • establish a temporary infirmary or the headquarters of a quick response and picking their staff;
  • the Purchase and integration of individual and group first aid kits;
  • Organization of transportation of victims to hospitals;
  • Coordinating the actions of medical staff.

Where in demand medical support?

most Often, such services are ordered to the following types of activities:

  • Sporting events
  • Conferences, seminars, congresses, trainings, etc;
  • Corporate & private parties, birthdays, christenings;
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Photography and theatrical performances;
  • Funeral ceremony
  • Public rallies, etc.

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