Why you should start learning German?


the German language seems very complicated! His grammar, articles, pronunciation.... And yet, you persistently decide quickly ? If so, then here's some advice.


Decide to study German language

First of all, always think about the goal – what exactly you need the German language? Want to add a line in summary and just to impress your employer?

If you are going to go to a beautiful country Germany is just on vacation and are very keen to learn the most basic words, you always have the basic level and never need to strive for good and fast to grasp all the subtleties unique grammar and beautiful pronunciation.

Very different if the difficult German language you need on your work for good communication with German clients or partners from Germany. Here you will always be useful much solid knowledge with a challenging emphasis on high-quality business vocabulary, skills in writing business letters and, of course, negotiation in simple and understandable German. Or when you want to get yourself in German higher education? Without simple advanced level never to do: have a lot to listen to and understand lectures in German, make different presentations and to write big scientific work, to communicate with their fellow students and competent professors.

depending on exactly your ultimate goal you will have built and your great lesson plan.


Next most important point is your motivation

the Interest is the engine of progress. And now no matter what will sometimes be based on your interest in contemporary German language – whether it's just economic interest (many new paid position or new job) or just a personal interest (a cute neighbor or the neighbor's party). Maybe it is you all my life I wanted just to read Goethe and Schiller in the original? The main thing is your interest and great desire!


Exercise every day or every hour slowly

you should never immediately try to quickly memorize "all the 1000 most common words" or well-versed in all their times and complex inflected forms. More effective modern methods will just try to master the new material gradually.


now Try to speak and just write in German!

All the active speech activity quickly contributes to very effective learning of the German language. Not even the chance of the most effective and unique method in the world today considered as a communicative method. Because communication or your communication that, in the opinion of all teachers and methodologists should always be the basis of any lesson in a foreign language. You ponder a difficult question: you speak German? (English or Russian?). We simply ask, does modern man on this or any other language, if he quickly and efficiently to translate or to read.



directly Start with the smallest – decide what you sometimes want to quickly learn the language, what all is your ultimate goal and also during what time you want efficiently and quickly to achieve it. Decide with the tools and all the features and make your first step on the thorny path to its goal.

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