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the River begins far Kantegir on the Northern slopes of the huge range of Saylyg-Khem-Taiga. Kantegir is a big river shoal with an average fall that is 4.5 m/km. now It is one of the most beautiful rivers of the Western Sayan mountains unique. The upper reaches it is very shallow. It flows even in a small and unpopulated locality in the area Chernovola a huge taiga. All the picturesque mountains of the upper Kantegir very heavily cut by small tributaries, and dry valleys with small traces of all the spring water streams. brings a lot of fun and unforgettable memories.


Program a memorable tour through the colorful Cantagiro:

First day. Meeting all the tourists in the city of Abakan. It is a General gathering of the group takes place in the office where everyone ordered this a memorable tour. All are high quality and very important instruction, which can need throughout the passage of the tour. Then check out your group on a route Abakan - Abaza (and, of course, passes in a conservation area) - river Kantegir (in the very mouth of the river Sambal). A delicious lunch at a roadside cafe also included in the lot.

Second day. The beginning of a beautiful alloy. Unforgettable the Plot is shallow. The passage of a unique cascade of small rapids above the Earth. The mouth of the river SAMBIL - the mouth of the river Kuchun - estuary Kara-Khem. The passage of dangerous obstacles Clamping Geological; In the first day the group takes about 11 km, installation of the camp and, of course, fishing.

shipping direct to your itinerary is a very comfortable small vans, then the technique of the terrain is the car Ural, he will take everyone from backpackers to the place of rafting. Alloy always passes on good catamarans, from the backwater of Kantegir to port us military Sosnovka, where your group will take a motor boat.


the conditions of your residence at the time of the tour

On your route will meet 2 or 3-person tents. Will also be good 3 meals a day on the route, and it is preparing itself (ware, and miscellaneous camp equipment, you are provided). In the diet there is a very large part of fish dishes, from your day's catch.


Features tour

Tourists will certainly participate in the creation of good camps, and high-quality Assembly of various equipment. All individuals on the route should be well established and rigorously adhered to TB, as well as the rules of their behavior on the water, always follow the recommendations for your companions. The river on which you will make an alloy of high complexity.

Recommendations: each of the tourists should have all vaccinations, and protection from the most harmful insects such as mites.

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