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How to create your own blog?

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Greetings gentlemen! Today, we still consider the topic of websites and blogs on free services. Personally, I was surprisedone to the opinion of most people who think about the creation of own resources, on the advisability of purchasing a professional hosting and domain. Like, why pay? After all, there are free options? You can create, try, and then think of a paid hosting. A huge mistake, in my opinion, but someone needs to just playSo free offers platforms for sites, as an alternative, have the right to exist.

I would like to highlight three platforms that have different purposes, and the most popular on the Internet - it is Blogger, Livejournal and Ucoz. With these three services, you can create the resources of various kinds and for different potrebof. You do not have to pay for anything - just register and start filling your website or blog materials.

Let's try to throw everything « against » free ways to create the site and look at each of these services.

Free Blog – Blogger

If to create a free blog - thenand you on This platform is specially tuned for blogging, I would even say that Blogger - is bezkoshovny analogue WordPress. In order to start running your own blog on Blogger, you must have an e-mail Google ( If the mailbox you have - will have to register.

Go to and start. As soon as we get to the start page, where we provide to log into your Google account or register if we have (click on image to enlarge).
If you are new to - click on the big button at the top of the panels « up » and createan account on Google.

If you post to Google you already have - just enter your details and enter your account. After logging in (or register), we find ourselves in a notebook It is very convenient that all Google services tied to a single mailbox - it's incredibly simplifies the process of authorization.

Hit « New blog » and begin the process of blogging.

Give the name of our blog to come up with a domain name (my and choose the appearance. Here is the first minus the creation of a blog with a free service - no matter how you do a unique domain name, it will still be attacheds

When all filled - Hit « Create a blog ».

Now, in your account, we are already seeing the first we have created a blog. By the way, these blogs you can rivet a few, if you need to. by blogging - one of the important methods of the development of the network.

Blog fill material!

Now we can begin to fill the blog material. It is so simple - the blog almost ready! Click on the « New Publication » the panels at the top of the home page or blog account and add your material. The visual editor is simple - a bit like Word, So this problem will not arise.

When the article was written - Hit « Publish » and we can enjoy the first pictures on our blog. As soon as Google has offered to share the news in Google+ - this is optional.

Hit « Share » or cancel and find ourselves in the admin of the blog, where bUdem configure, edit and add material.

And on the front page of the blog are seeing our first post! Hooray! Immediately you can choose the desired appearance with more free templates available.

This is how easy it is. Therefore, dear friends, ifYour wish is a blog - that of the free blogging platforms, I recommend

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