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Today, the life of modern man, especially in the cities, it is practically impossible SEBe imagined without active use of the Internet. This is the most multi-functional, powerful and effective means of communication in the world. It combines the two main types of communicative messages between people - voice and visual. In addition, part of the society, especially the younger generation, quite seriously dependent on the communication is not real, andvirtual world - different social networks. In addition to this method of information exchange, there is another fairly popular way - running your own internet blog. This is a digital, analogue network personal diary so common 10-15 years ago. Example blog:. A characteristic feature of online diary (as well as obychnogo) is the presence of regular records of significant (in the opinion of the blog owner) events in his life. Any notes are automatically sorted in descending order of the date of its creation, and may contain the following information:

  • text notes and description of the event;
  • Image strengtheningdigits together with the visual perception of information;
  • video and audio recordings;
  • blog readers comments on the published event.

In fact, the latest feature and determines the main difference between a blog on its printed counterpart - it publicly, that is, inzmozhnost attach to their experiences of others. With the advent of a specific service, and was formed and a part of society, are active users of the service. According to Internet slang, a similar type of users are called bloggers, and the union of all internet network diaries - the blogosphere.

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