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Most enterprises can hear such a question from users ognetuextinguishers: fire extinguisher should be a year to serve, if it is within the standard term has not been used?

First of all, we should clarify what type of fire extinguisher is. Buy them can be in the company of « Special VIC & raquo ;, in the list of products which, among other things, includes the .

Fire extinguishers

For example, powder extinguishers recharged corresponding powder, which when triggered squeezed gas (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide). The degree of efficiency of the device is determined by the pressure gauge. This fire extinguisher has a wide application range: -40 to + 50 ° C. The advantages of its takzhe good quenching effect of volume and scale of fires and the fact that the surface of unprotected fire extinguishers are not aware of corrosion. And he has such a drawback: During extinguishing powder penetrates to the inner surfaces of household electrical appliances and may lead to its exit from the system.

Water fire extinguishers

Water extinguishers are often used to extinguish solid fuel and smoldering objects - trees, coal, paper, textiles, some types of plastic and synthetic materials.

water and foam fire extinguisher

water and foam fire extinguisher during a throwing action of foam that covers the Air Veny to the fire. It is quite effective, but it may not be used to extinguish the electrical energized, because the foam can conduct current. The downside is the fact that water and foam fire extinguishers should be kept and used only at temperatures above zero.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

Uglekislotnye extinguishers used to extinguish flammable and combustible liquids, electrical voltage up to 1000.

DSTU 4297: 2004 « Maintenance of fire extinguishers » determined maintenance intervals powder extinguishers every two years, and carbon dioxide -once in three years.

How many times do you need to carry out maintenance of fire extinguishers?

However, one can argue with this document in relation to the dry powder. Manufacturer indicators to them warrants the indicator for one year only. And it happens that the indicator indicates the presence of pressure in armaturepuse extinguisher (green arrow is in the sector), and actually there is no pressure in the housing due to the fact that the membrane of the indicator has failed. I therefore recommend that maintenance of powder fire extinguishers carried out annually.

Maintenance carbon dioxide fire extinguishers shall be held once in tWhen the year when there is no external damage and fire extinguishing substance mass different from initial no more than 5%. Otherwise, before the expiry of three years, a fire extinguisher must be maintained.

I draw your attention to the fact that the weighting of fire extinguishers should be carried on the balance attorneys. When servicingall types of fire extinguishers should be guided « Maintenance Manual ».

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