The sequence of the stages of the qualifying work


Perform qualification (master's degree or diploma) work consists of the following steps:

  • choice of theme work and its coordination at the department;
  • statement Topics work ;
  • definition of the scientific objectives;
  • the study of biographical sources of TBTOp and generalization of actual material production practices research;
  • or writing;
  • clearance;
  • preparations for the protection of work ; the protection of work .

Choosing a theme work

It shall be based on themes running student exchange and research papers, all practices based on the subjects of scientific research and industrial organizations orders. When choosing a topic students are encouraged to use the main directions of scientific study geomorphologicalFirst in our country and abroad. Qualification (diploma or master) work must be carried out using data from individual studies field trips. After the defense industrial practice theme qualification (master's degree or diploma) work is consistent with the scientific guidingLemma.

The definition of the scientific objectives of the study

This step is very important during the cooperation of the student and supervisor. Qualifying work is impossible without a clear definition of research problems. Under the definition of the problem is understood questions about the problem or situation. These are the main issuess for which the student must find the answer in the work . Therefore, the section "Conclusion" shall consist of the answers to the problem of justification of the study, which is set forth in the "Introduction" section. In the definition of the problem must necessarily sound: the purpose of the study, the teaching aspects of you, the main task,specific terminology, the time frame.

Writing a work

The purpose of this step is to write the qualifying work in accordance with the approved themes and plan. Collection of material is carried out by prohozhdeSRI industrial practice. The student should be familiar with the theoretical foundations for the study of selected issues on the basis of explanatory literature to summarize current scientific approaches to solving the problem and analyze the methodological foundation of research. With the help of selected research instruments, etc.Gadfly study the relevance of the selected object are determined by the existing problems and their causes. It should be noted that the student should be able to comment on the text written by the supervisor, to explain its position of the material, and not only agree with all the comments.

Preparing for the Protection work

The essence of this phase is to test the readiness of the student to the protection of the qualification (diploma or master) work . According to the schedule the student must submit a work supervisor in establishingfirst time. Work supervisor served than (two) weeks before the start of the protection works. After correcting observations head student completes clearance work , and provides master's thesis supervisor to obtain from him a written revocation. Qualifying work with written otzyPTO leader served head of the department, which organizes the discussion of such a work at a meeting of the department.

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