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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Today is a very popular technique mainly Decoring walls are often used directly coach tie, by which your wall is necessary to be able to purchase volume, as well as being decorated with a modern pattern, which is made of some buttons with decorative caps or special nails. Of course, the most volume is given directly nugovichnaya four-wheel trim, but at the same time it is you will need to choose the best way to carry out decorating the walls. To the front of such ties directly to use, usually, tight textile, natural or artificial skin, even as well as various synthetic fabrics, the color materials is their rowsAulnay different. Learn more possible.

Only certain skills!

It is important to note is that in order to create a coach tie without the use of the right skills and proficiency in some of the tools and materials you will not be able to do. And if you still doubt that it will be able tos own hands to perform such work, it is not recommend for her to begin to undertake. But if you have at least a little experience working directly with the skin or textiles, as well as know very well all the rules of interior decoration, then you can immediately start to take up treatment.

All of the panels, which usually need to attach onwalls to be produced separately, and as their bases often performs any material from the sheet. The main and the main condition - it should not start to bend or sag under its own weight. It is advisable to start using MDF or chipboard sheets and not directly from the expensive sheets of plywood.

In the cut-to-fit pDimensions, and not least in the form of the panel needed to stick a sheet of foam rubber. I do not recommend you use it to paste nitrokli because he has the ability to start to eat away little by little foam. Experts often recommend it to start using rubber or rubber cement. Gluing, of course, occursboth the panel and the foam, while the first layer should typically dry well. After that already applied to the next ball and foam begin to stick to the panel. Thereupon begins executed interior panel using tissue or skin directly. The material you have stretched very smoothly without any visible large or small withclutches or distortions. Now, you can start it in a decorative covering, at the same time begin to use thin nails with curly hats or buttons. As we can see, the work is not easy. Therefore, if you do not know how to do it, then I suggest that you do not even start. It is best to do these experts. But if youhave some experience, then I wish you more patience and a huge fortune. Use your skills only with great pleasure, and remember that beauty depends on your hands.

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