What is a security agency?

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Security Agency provides a wideFirst range of services: protection of businesses and organizations of all forms of property, physical security customers, tracking of goods, the establishment of security equipment. Therefore, once the alarm is triggered on an object, a rapid response team with the use of body armor and special equipment travels to the object. Firearms USINGamb are prohibited. The guards detain the offender, and pass it on the police. This is how the security agency Bastion - .

Requirements for candidates guards

  • Physical data: age 23-55 years;
  • Classes combat sports and power sports;
  • Educationhigher or secondary specialized (law enforcement);
  • The preference is given to those who served in the army or the authorities.

working as a guard in shifts - around the clock. Daily guards face false calls. When clients are shut in the house pets, they go under the sensorand a rapid response team and had to leave as a combat operation. But watch the picture when a cat or dog just walking around the room.

Most agency workers bought for the organization of policing at the concerts of stars.

The first thing that you need to become a security guard is - fical training

security agency cooperates with well-known personalities. Protects them during mass events, accompanied on his trips and the like. But not always guard serving in uniform. Depending on the wishes and the nature of the customer, the guard can operate in civilian clothes.

It is not always a security guard must be marked with a walkie-talkie to his ear that accompanies the client. Often it is - a man who imperceptibly, it does not stand out among the crowd, but at the same time in case of a threat object of protection is to preserve his life and health provide the exit from the threat.

The guard must be a psychologist

In fact, the requirements for the person who wants to become a security guard, a lot. First of all - physical preparation. But that's not all.

In order to become a professional bodyguard, it is necessary, for example, to engage in the relevant activities for at least 5-10 years. In addition, a permit to carry a weapon, and still haveweapon skills. The guard must be to some extent a psychologist, to think analytically. After all, it is clear, if someone wants to harm a person, it will not attack, shouting, attracting attention, and do it quietly and unexpectedly. Therefore, the correct assessment of the situation, it is very important in the work of a security guard. Professional must firstexamine the object of protection, undertake appropriate measures to establish the potential hazards and where it can find.

The protection of individuals requires a different approach. With the person you need to find psychological compatibility to understand her wishes and not to endanger. From the client's wishes depend, will guard next to him,will go to the convergence will be invisible in the crowd. If you do it professionally, you can generally avoid unpleasant incidents.

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