The acrylic wash of the cab?


Install the shower cabin instead of the classicbath today, is gaining widespread popularity. Someone makes a choice to conserve bathroom space, someone in addition to the existing tub in order to save your time. But in any case, a shower, as well as all sanitary devices, requires constant care.

Otherwise appearance cabin will become so unattractive that and take a shower in it becomes uncomfortable. Consider all the possibilities, how to care for a shower.

Care shower

On the question of how to properly care for the shower, by any housewife and specialistsfollowed by the answer - to clean the shower cabin every day if she enjoyed as often. Of course, if the family consists of 3-4 people, after taking a shower every one of them will not wash cabin. But after all took water treatments, a cabin shall be washed with hot water, Opoleosnut cold water and wipe dry. This makes it possible to push back the date of the general cleaning, which is usually done every 3-4 weeks, or once a month, depending on the state of the shower cabin .

If the house is home to a couple of people, even ifs taking a shower daily, morning and evening, it is sufficient to carry out the cleaning once a week. But here already requires the use of detergents.

Despite the periodic cleaning of the shower cabin , general cleaning of all you need to do. It is recommended once a month.

The frequency of cleaning cabin can vary if:

  • There were a variety of sediments. If they are not removed in time to do it later, it will be difficult;
  • If the car is not used for a long time before showering it must also be washed at.

Cleaners for controlSheva cabin

purchasing a brand new product for the soul, shining whiteness, every woman, first of all, ask yourself this question, you wash the shower to make it as long as possible remained as beautiful and shiny.

d unattractivenessSHOWER cabin immediately catches the eye, if the transparent protecting designs in the jets of water, traces of soap and other dirt. The doors or flaps, shutters may be made of a special glass or plastic. Good use various aerosols, sprays, which are sold in stores for household chemicals havestroke behind glass, crystal. The composition is applied to the entire surface of the transparent design and a few minutes removed with a damp clean cloth. As you can see, everything is quite simple and quick.

It is important to remember about the dangers of these funds to the human body, if you are an aerosol spray from inside the cabin .

From folk remedies to clean the glass often used solution of citric acid, which probably have in every kitchen. 20 grams of the powder was dissolved in 200 ml of warm water and rub this compound door cabin . After about 15 minutes obrabotannuyu surface is washed with water and wiped dry. This product is completely safe, given that it is added in canning vegetables.

Before you choose which means to wash the shower, you need to stock up on tools in a variety of sponges, cloths and brushes. An excellent solution is ispolzovaof a special device for cleaning glass, which is a stick with a handle. On the one hand a stick attached to the foam net with another rubber lip which collects water from the glass without leaving streaks. Such devices are straight or circular form, which is convenient when the car has a rounded door.


To clean or wall cabin in any case can not be used substances containing abrasives as various powders . This way you can cause small scratches that are not visible to the naked eye, but in the future they will accumulate dirtand various deposits, which will be impossible to remove without applying invasive techniques, as it will lead to early wear of the material cabin .

stiff brush and napkins should also not be used in the washing of acrylic. Now buy detergent for showers is not particularly complicatedof. On sale is a lot of different liquids and gels that can wash any dirt from acrylic tray.
Household chemicals.

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