The subtleties of interpreting


Many researchers argue that the social status of the profession of interpreter and not high enough today. Often customers underestimate the jobinterpreter and translation itself, arguing that taking Dictionary could translate themselves better. Many translators themselves undervalue their work and allow a manipulated. Often taken for the translations to be performed in a very short period of time, working longer than had been agreed with the customer, and during breaks for interpretation is,shte perform translations, which, of course, is not discussed previously and which typically will not be further paid. To eliminate the need to collaborate with professional translation agencies, for example,.

There are some interpreters who are ashamed of their activities as a translator, and sounding,note that they are teachers, editors, etc., and transfer, particularly oral, it is only a means of earning extra money. So you need to work on increasing self-esteem of translators and change the public perception of the role of the interpreter, highlighting the difficulties of the profession and the importance of translation vozvelichivshy during diplomatic negotiations. Toit is necessary to analyze what the translation of what the requirements for the translators, how to work with interpreters.

There are many definitions of the term translation. According to Vinogradov VS « Translation - this is a special, unique and independent kind of verbal art & raquo ;. Within seconds, an interpreter must grasp the meaning ofsaid and encode it in another language, the language to express the means and have to follow the further flow of language to grasp the following sentence.

Thus, the requirements for interpreters is very high. Sami language knowledge is not completely adequate for the job. Interpreters have to master not only themeans of communication, but also to have an accurate sense of language and the ability to focus on different things at the same time. In a study by the World Health Organization, a trade conference interpreters have identified the third level of stress after profession jet pilot and air traffic controller. Translators must overcome both physicaland psychological stress.

Translation practice greatly outstripped perevodnicheskuyu theory. Himself translation appeared in connection with the needs of society, and translators to make translations more or less successfully. They did not wait for an explanation of translation from a theoretical point of view. Lack of research and theoretical work in the field of translation, not meantOh, that no attempt was made arguments about the purpose, nature and methods of the translation work. Translator in his work is constantly needed to:

  • select different transfer options;
  • to decide what is in the translation is the most important and should always be translated;
  • give preferreds one or the other method of overcoming the difficulties that have arisen.

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