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Perhaps one of the most useful invention of mankind is theXia washing machine. Especially women around the world do not cease to thank William Blackstone, created in 1907, the first washing machine. Since that time has passed more than a dozen years, the car endured a series of changes, until her appearance did not resemble modern. It was only in 1949 in the United States first tried automatic washing mAshin. Many companies and corporations began to produce and produce such machines, always something to improving and adding. Today in trading networks presented a huge range of machines. They are all different, and design, and their functions, and pricing policies, and choosing a washing machine can be confused and make the wrong choice.

What should I pay attention vibiraya washing machine

  1. First, determine what kind of machine you want built-in or freestanding. In this case, it all depends on the size of your home, as the built-in appliances is more compact. By type of all « stiralki » can be divideds with a vertical or horizontal loading. With top-loading machines are more compact, but they do not have such a large range of models like machines with a horizontal load of laundry;
  2. Next, determine what type of engine to choose. At present, we offer manufacturers collector (normal) engine and inversionsThorne (more modern) engine. Inverter motor operates quietly, almost inaudibly. A relative lifetime, then run these engines is approximately the same;
  3. An important factor when choosing a car, there are maximum load, ie. E. How many pounds of dirty laundry can be downloaded in one ofCGS. Well, here it all depends on the number of members of your family. Manufacturers offer us a choice from 3kg to 12 kg with a maximum load;
  4. And, of course, choosing a washing machine, you pay special attention to features that can perform machine. Each person has their own desires and requirementsto wash, so choose a car for yourself, depending on your budget, because the price of the car is directly related to its capabilities.  

damage to the washer

But, unfortunately, some b « cool » washing machine you choose, it's just a technique and technology tend to break. Do not rush immediately to send it to a landfill, can still be remedied. In fact, today there are various service centers for repair of washing machines capable of performing miracles. With just one phone call to one of these centers, you can solve all problems. Experienced master will come to your home, will hold preliminary inspection of washing machiness and determine the cause of failure. After that, depending on the damage, perform quality repairs: will clean the hoses or replace parts or components that fail, and if you have any failures due to electronics, perform re-flash card. In addition, many service centers collaborating with leading manufacturers, which ensures their availabilitymany details.   Quality repairs will cost you a lot cheaper to buy a new car, and after repair the machine does not give you trouble more than one year.

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