How to make your own wooden doors

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Make a wooden door with his own hands possible . Firstly, itwill not be too expensive for you, and secondly, you can experiment with the design. Wood as a building material is easy to process and has insulating properties.

So, for the manufacture of doors suitable timber as listvyanyh and softwood. Usually, most say goodbyewounded oak doors and ash, as long they are more durable and elegant. Softwood most widely used pine because they are good protection against suppuration and various diseases.

The steps of the manufacture of wooden doors

  • So Dr.For the manufacture of doors is necessary to make the workpiece. First of all, you should set the size of the door leaf and clearances fit. Do not forget to identify and lower clearance;
  • Then fiberboard sheet on the relevant dimensions Scrollsaw two canvases. Remember that it is important to respect the right angles;
  • Then cut from the boards two and three workpiece across its width. They should be sanded with sandpaper. The result should be a rectangle;
  • The most important thing in this business is cutting gashes to connect boards. Therefore, I recommend to choose the easiest way, that is a direct method formasonry washed down with a depth of half the thickness of the board;
  • When you perform this procedure, the boards that are nested in a rectangle and the average beam must be in the same plane. That is, this work requires special attention;
  • Also, before you starteds doors should be installed in them carve a place in the castle.

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