How to hide wires from PC?

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hide wires from the PC

hide wires from the PCWhat to do if you are not a fan of modern technology and using your favorite old computer, a printer, which printed a large number of years for you? A set of keyboard and mouse reminds you of the very beginning...
There are now a large number of design devices that can be used to hide and conceal the wires. In some cases, we are not limited by this: design inventions arrange long wires, which allows to embellish interior. We will consider a few design inventions that can be build with your own hands and can surprise guests.
hide wires from the PC under the plinthFor example, when you have a plinth coated with wires, it is strongly evident. In this case you can use a special decision, made in a country style. It's simple enough to construct an interesting fence along the plinth. You have to agree that it will look very original. The invention is created in a short period of time by your own hands. This option can be used as for office, as for the dwelling.
hide wires from the PCThe wires can be connected by ordinary nodes. Very often, designers advise to weave braids of them. Weave braids of a large number of wires is not only easy, it is also very beautiful.
Besides weaving you can refer to the classic lace. In this case, you will need to use a strong nylon thread which will help you to connect wires. If it necessary, you can make a special branchs.
hide wires from the PC cable tiesIn many cases, wires are connected to the beams. For this purpose, will be suitable conventional ties ( cable clamps). They cost not very much, so we advise to pay attention to the different colors.
hide wires from the PC Computer Wire Cable OrganizerIn many cases, users select a special system for managing a large number of wires. This device is a spring-like plastic box, to which with the help of a special guide device will wind up the wires. Different manufacturers called such devices as: Computer Wire Cable Organizer, Easy Cable Wrap, Cable Zipper. Each name does not carry anything new. The result is still the same. The user must slide the wear and carry. After these manipulations we get a "nice sausage".
hide wires from the PC Nathalie CostesDesigne Nathalie Costes suggested a very interesting idea. Woman offered no to hide the wires. So, they can be placed in a prominent place for decoration. In accordance with the draft you can create real beads of the power cords. We finally obtain a very beautiful decoration that will become an integral part of the interior.
wires from the PCCurrently  wires from any devices can not be considered one of the batteries. First of all, it is a beautiful detail, with which you can add refinement and comfort to the interior. Why could not we think of it before? This question arises in many people.
If your possess a lot of different gadgets in which you are constantly confused, you can refer to the sticky holders of wires.

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    jay - 17.11.2012, 08:07
    Great idea to use wires as decoration. It looks very nice and modern.
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    Christy - 13.12.2012, 13:06
    Great decisions to hide wires. Thanks!