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world outlook

Be a carrier of world outlook, based on the eternal values, has always been troublesome in today's market. When, in the minds of the people, there are money and a "new world order" - it is doubly difficult. "The lack of any world outlook - that's my world outlook" - said some cool businessman, exchanging communist world outlook to the illusion of the capitalist world outlook.
world outlookWorld outlook - a system of human beliefs which is coming from a pure heart. It can be viewed as a system of ideas of man about war and peace. Concept of life of natural development of the ideal (spiritual and material) world optimally is manifested in the family. Faith, alphabet, native language through the love for the land and labor generate the origins of family world outlook. Merging with the delivery of school knowledges in the system, "teacher - student - parent", it flows as a "goal-oriented process of upbringing and education" through the whole human life.
world outlookTruly religious world outlook is a talent from God. It can not be turned into a policy tool. There were times when the thorny path of the religious family education and developing it enlightenment for many centuries helps to strengthen the family, society and state. But the reality is so that in our country even teachers of our teachers have not received religious education.
To seven years, children are the angels, our heartfelt teacher. Children teach us to feel surrounding world. Adult children teach us to understand it. Alphabet - is a spring of language. God granted the Alphabet to man from the mouths of babes. That's right, say "children always tell the truth." The human mind has made some progress in the learning of the alphanumeric alphabet, began research of the genetic alphabet. Alphabet of feelings is the primary alphabet of love, by which, above all, are filled child and maternal hearts. Alphabet of feelings - is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the human heart.
world outlookThe word and the space, Spirit and matter, The universe and life - all this is associated with a single principle of life. Human life is arranged in such a way, that everything in it always starts with Word. Also word is the heart of war and peace. Creation of family begins with love confession. Even silence is a word which, as "bark of unspoken words, which is destined to swing by waves of thoughts". Good word - treats, evil word - cripples.
world outlook alphabetThe way of learning of the Word both for the science and religion is covered with Alphabet. No accident that our ancestors learned to read by letters, not by syllables. The word "Azbuka" (Alphabet) comes from the first Slavic letters Az (one single) and Buka (knowledge) - means the single knowledge about the development of life, the Bible said about the Alphabet: "In the beginning was the Word... And everything began to be through it". Atheists for many centuries trying to destroy this biblical truth by taking of the sense of the alphabet letters and implementing the meaningless words into the Russian language. At the heart of philosophy, physics, mathematics, natural and other sciences lay elementary truths of the Word. The origins of theology, theosophy, culture also goes back to the Word.
world outlookWhen discovering the secrets of the universe origin, it would be good to listen to your heart: in the scriptural texts, keeping in mind that absolute space of the universe is filled with the Holy Spirit which proceeds from the Father. The Holy Spirit makes the space a sensual substance, it generates absolute motion, is the key to the cognition of development of the Perfect World.

Children teach to feel surrounding world us. Adult children - understand it. Alphabet - is a spring tongue. ABC God gave man the mouth of children.
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