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How to detect and treat thrush?


household names « » medical language Buda sound as vulvovaginal candidiasis. Statistics indicate 75% of girls and women who have faced this disease at least once in their lives. On the one hand the disease fairly well-known and widespread, so it is easy to diagnose. Yes, and treatment with modern drugs will be effective. On the other hand candidiasis exceptdiscomfort potential to exacerbate physical health.

Consider the well-known symptoms of candidiasis

Vulvovaginal candidiasis is formed on the background of the inflammatory process caused by the rapid development and reproduction of the fungus Candida, hence the name of the disease. The clinicalI picture is almost the same in all cases accompanied by burning and unbearable itching. From the genital tract is constantly out specific allocation resembling the consistency of cottage cheese. On examination, the gynecologist preliminary diagnosis is made based on the presence of edema of the genital tract, redness.

The current bolezno

Although the disease symptoms are the same as in most cases, the disease can occur in different ways. By the nature of the current worth sharing:

  • acute form, in which the patient will experience more pronounced symptoms and the clinical picture. In this case bHandy will be long, more than two months;
  • chronic form caused by secondary changes. For the duration can be compared to the first;
  • recurrence is observed in repeat more than four cases for one year;
  • asymptomatic oddsma. The easiest course of the disease, passing without any complaints of the patient. At the same time deliver timely diagnosis very difficult.

How is thrush?

Any gynecologist, even beginners to experts, can, focusing on the symptoms, to deliver the correctth diagnosis. Another thing is that the majority of female patients did not go to the doctor on time, diagnose yourself, and assign the same way self-treatment.

The wrong choice of therapy observed in 60% of cases. Do not need to self-medicate every time will be marked by an unusual discharge from the genital tract. Consultation professionassionalnogo and experienced gynecologist does not hurt.

Vulvovaginal candidiasis   one is diagnosed by microscopic examination of smears. If the patient has a relapse or chronic course, the culture without additional research is indispensable. This study will allow the doctor to identify the form of the fungus, as well ascheck its sensitivity to therapeutic drugs to the prescribed treatment was effective at times.

It is a mistake to believe that vulvovaginal candidiasis is an infection of the genital tract. This unfavorable microflora pathogenic condition of the body, activates on the background of a number of factors, among which are:

  • reduced immune strength of the body;
  • diabetes disease;
  • wrong diet;
  • a long period of antibiotics;
  • lack of personal hygiene.

How to treat disease?

alone for the treatment of thrush should take the following steps:

  • douche twice a day;
  • to use a special antiseptic soap;
  • Regular JohnTimna hygiene.

doctor prescribes, as a rule, the preparations of local influence. For example, ointments and suppositories. New drugs are easy to use and quite effective against candidiasis.

Therapeutic regimens appoint a doctor. Necessarily be parallel treatment and sexual part-EPA, even in the absence of his characteristic signs of the disease.

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