Types of fuel briquettes


Fuel briquettes - fully ecological biofuel. Often they are used in both industrial and domestic purposes. wonderfullysuitable for use in automated boilers, solid fuel boilers, fireplaces.

Linear measurements briquette depend on their type, but the length of the preform is less than 40 cm, and the width and height - 10 cm. The price in Ukraine ranges from 800 to 1200 grnt. The main raw material for the production - wood (pine and larchrocks of), peat, straw, sunflower husks. In Ukraine, the most common are briquettes from sawdust softwood.

There are three types of fuel briquettes - RUF, NESTRO and Pini & Kay:

  • The first rendered briquettes RUF made on hydraulic presses for low pressure combustionsolid fuel fired boilers and furnaces. As a rule, they are not adding any coupling agents. Have the shape of a parallelepiped (bricks) with standard linear dimensions of 6.5 - 9.5 - 15.5 cm. The calorific value - from 4400 kkalkg;
  • Fuel briquettes NESTRO have a cylindrical shape, which resembles a wood outside.Therefore, they are most often used for fireplaces. Have standard sizes: 30 cm - length and 6 cm in diameter. Calorific value of 4400-kkalkg;
  • Fuel briquettes Pini & Kay - the highest quality type of briquette, which has a maximum duration of combustion and heat of combustion. Has the shape of a hexagon (orincorrect polygonal), with a hole in the middle. Produced this type of briquette by high pressure and high temperature. Calorific value of 4500 kkalkg.

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