How to install the heat meter?


When you set the device to account for the cost of thermal energy, this entailsa withdrawal of recalculations and decreases payment for waste heat is almost 2 times! By the way, you can buy high-quality online enterprise "Ergomera": Heat mainly set around the house, as the cost for installation on each separate apartment is great. Sometimes people themselves are willing to heat was appliedone or more entrances.

So, in order to set the heat meter you need:

  • contact the organization that deals with heat supply for permission to install the counter and provide all technical conditions for the development of the project installation. Funding may proishodit from apartment dwellers, or you have the right to appeal to the district administration for help means. Such cases are not common, but there are;
  • The next thing you should do is to find a company that is installing the heat meter. You need to enter into the contract. Do not forget that SELrannogo companies must be licensed to perform such operations. Not bad, if the firm is obliged to establish a full range of all the works that are connected to the counter.

Payment for thermal energy is defined as follows: the amount of energy that was obtained in the house is divided into Gigacalorie otaplivaemuyu area apartment house. This makes it possible to calculate the amount of energy that has been spent on it to heat one square meter. Then this figure is multiplied by the value of one Gcal and the area of ??each apartment.

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