Cosmetics: The origin and classification.

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What is the makeup? Why use it? Questions, the response to them knows everyone, even a child. Translated from walnut, this means: « the one who has the power to clean up » or « someone who has experience in decorating ».

Apply to face a variety of means began from ancient years, though in some cultures it had nothing to do with the pageemleniem something to emphasize or highlight, so banishing the evil spirits, as in ancient Egypt. In ancient Ryme knew very well what means should be used for the eyelids, lips, how to remove excess hair or whiten your teeth with. Cosmetics such as we understand now, that is. E. For beauty, began to be used about a half thousand years ago. And they did ethat the ancient Greeks, they became the face paint for beauty, today we are talking « make-up ».

But for the first time the term « cosmetics » used in 1867. Then, at an exhibition in Paris perfumes and soap-making became a separate branch, separated from the pharmacy. Today cosmetics firmlycame into our lives. After all, without the makeup simple, almost can not do any woman or girl. Some do makeup very often, almost every day, the other for the holidays.

Modern industry is today a lot of different tools for decorative cosmetics, on the road to, well, Dematichnoy price. But cosmetics are not only makeup, there are many cosmetic products that can be classified into groups.

classifies cosmetics

  • Tools Skincare , maintained its tone, making sure that the skin is healthy. Here we arewe put the soap, various foams and shampoos, shower gels and lotions. It is from these assets begins cleansing of our skin because they contain special ingredients combine with dirt on the skin, and flushing them with water, and we remove the dirt;
  • Another group of cosmetic products, we can attribute Products forI moisten and nourish our skin (creams, rinses, conditioners). They restore, soften, smooth our skin, add shine, smoothness and volume to hair. These long-acting, they should not be washed off immediately, they must be absorbed.

For more intensive care, there are different scrubs, Peels, gommazhi. They contain active ingredients, such means are not used frequently. Choose cosmetics should be very carefully and attentively, because they are able to bring not only beauty, but also cause irreparable damage to your health then treatment may take years. By the way, on the site: you can choose and buy quality videolic cosmetics of famous brands for care: the skin around the eyes, hair, face, body, lips, nails, hands and feet.

If you choose, pay attention to the composition, for any skin type and age at which the tool is designed, in fact, it can be given all the criteria to achieve the desired result.Stay beautiful and attractive, and then every day that will bring you joy, serenity and peace of mind.

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