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Comfortable and high-quality dishes for every housewife - a very important thing for prigotovtion of his masterpieces. If before the first tribes utensils manufactured with clay or wood, as these materials are available and can be handled easily, in our time, an abundance of different dishes often drives to a standstill when it is selected.

But with the development of the Internet – shops, the choice has become even more difficult. It is in thatcom video, you will see all the goods as a whole, as they say, in the whole « its beauty and attractiveness & raquo ;, the only thing that is not possible, so try it, well, there's nothing you can do about it.

But every year more and more people are buying online, it is much more comfortable, no need to go shopping, there is something or racesmatrivat, pushing in line, and sipping a cup of coffee, buy everything from spoons to pots, just sitting on the couch.

And the price is advantageous, cheaper, because the rent is not paid shop, that can not afford such a store to reduce the price. And then you'll get all, or will bring, and you do not need in the communitynnom crowded public transport service to haul you like, and you can accidentally break. By the way, high-quality dishes in Kharkov is available in the online store.

But before buying any dish, first decide what exactly you want. After it you will prepare, because, in fact, not for admiring looksm kind of dishes, you buy it. Become familiar with the material from which the dishes are made, and what her bottom, you have to cook for her porridge.

What should I look for when choosing dishes

The main criterion — is the material from which the manufactured     utensils. Today, many of these materialsAluminum, cast iron, « & raquo ;, stainless steel coated with Teflon and ceramic. And choosing a dish, it is necessary to examine all of their properties.

  1. Cookware with aluminum is light, cheap and durable. This is ideal for cooking cereals, pasta and boiling milk, but aluminum cookware Contactsruet with acids, so after cooking dish should shift into another bowl for storage. They used to say that aluminum produces methane which is a bad influence on the human body, but studies have shown the opposite;
  2. Cookware with iron - durable. During the preparation of food, utensils such long heatingaetsya, but then holds heat for a long time.   As a rule, in a cast iron pot stew meals. The downside to this dish is that the dishes heavy, and require special care;
  3. Dishes « stainless steel » is also durable, wear resistant and unpretentious. Such dishes looks very nice, suburbanbottom to prepare various dishes, not afraid of high temperature and is not harmful to health is also easy to clean. Cons in this material is almost absent, only a low thermal conductivity;
  4. Cookware with « Teflon coating » , heats up very quickly, nothing in it does not stick and cooking can be minimalnym amount of oil. But you need to take care of it carefully, you can not use metal utensils to avoid scratching the Teflon. &Nbsp; But many experts say that such coverage is not safe for human health;
  5. Tableware ceramic has non-stick properties, such warming dishes with Sunex sides at the same time, easy to care for. Such dishes are not harmful to health, it can be baked in the oven, the food can be removed using metal blades are not afraid of that scratch the surface. The downside is that ceramic tableware has a low thermal conductivity and fragile.

This is something that concerns the kitchen MSRPdy. The choice is huge, and the choice is yours, choose not only in appearance but also in the parameters, and a lot of fun preparing it.

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