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Before every person who works in a particular area, occurs moment when you simply need is a constant and regular writing some text in the appropriate direction, and thus it is necessary to leave it unique, for example, or in everyday life. It was then come to the aid of certain programs and online server. Basically, they have paid, and to operate them in their mandatoryon the need to install on your PC.

However, there are situations that frequent use of them is not necessary, and the money to pay it is necessary, and it turns out that money is going down the drain. In this case, the best choice will not be paid programs. Among the names of free programs, it is a great choice, and they have toak negative and positive quality directly. For example:

  1. work directly in Russian;
  2. recognize different text formats;
  3. free;
  4. the volume can not rozpoznavata limited number of documents.

If you select must be considered mandatory and the immediate fact that you needed it for their specific capabilities. After all, usually among diverse selection can be very much mistaken, but you should not do it. It is best to use sources provEren and those that are popular. In search of the Internet will help you immediately.

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