What is a tandoor


Tandoor - a griddle oven, the so-called BBQ to cook especially tasty food, etc. Heiduman and most used at this time in Asia. The greatest popularity he achieved in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, Russia, India, Japan, Mongolia, Tajikistan. The very origin of this miracle device was in Mesopotamia, and sounded like "tinuru" - the language of Akkadian.

Normal tandoor

Usually tandoor resembles ceramic hemisphere volume, which is about 0.25 to 1 cu. m. with a wall or on top of a round opening. It costs usually on a clay platform in the yard and up the throat. Vertical position is used directly in order to bake bread, SAMS or barbecue. What govoGeneral on the horizontal position, it is useful to bake bread only. The so-called Tandoor bread. The outer wall necessarily draped with raw clay bricks. This is a necessary component in order to have the heat capacity is in this furnace. Be sure to heat melt wood or coal or firewood.

Tandoor modern, portable:

With chamotte clay currently manufactured tandoor. 3 - 7 cm in average wall thickness. Can also be made Tandoor food -   for cafes or restaurants. Insulation material are coated on the outside, it is to continnoe time to keep heat in them. They are reminiscent of the vase, and have a two-tiered cap and metal handles. Also cover them directly contains special twists to the skewers so that they can be placed vertically. And from there the ash-pit, in order to make it convenient to get kindling and coal.

Tandoorused in India to prepare it meat dishes; In Central Asia, with the help of a baked cake samsa and directly; Iran and the Caucasus - pita bread. In Armenia it has several major specifics - it prepare various dishes, using it to heat the house, and it is very useful and can be applied directly to the mediMr. reality.

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