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The presence of a huge number of materials, bothform and structure, allows you to create your nest truly elegant atmosphere, giving it a unique look.

At the present stage of development of materials and methods of interior decoration, one of the most popular ways of starting or finishing surface treatment is their plastering, etc. in order toIdan perfectly flat, or on the contrary, textured surface. To prepare the plaster, apply and process to the final state, it is necessary to sweat, if not to attract to perform work outside experts.

radically different way and suggests the possibility of an innovative technology matire plaster. It is carried out by a special plaster station that the spray mixture onto the surface, creating a uniform layer of plaster.

Implementation of this phase of work by machine can significantly reduce the time and improve the quality, because the quality of the base layer dependsspeed and quality of the subsequent stages - leveling and smoothing layer. By the way, if you are from Kiev and you are interested in you find what you were looking for.

The most popular blend for machine application is a specialized machine plaster KNAUF MP 75. This mixtureprovides a perfect surface after the first application. After the layer was deposited on the surface of walls, handmade jewelry begins: a mixture leveled and overwritten. In addition, this type of plaster allows smoothing operation to make the surface perfectly glossy effect.

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