Pyrometer - imager Flir TG165


Thermal imagers, thermal cameras - devices that have specialistFlax appointment to determine the thermal radiation. They are able to detect heat at any weather conditions. This device makes it possible to recognize an object from a few hundred meters to two - three kilometers, even in low light. In contrast to the night vision device, across the spectrum of the thermal imager can observe color and black and white images vividlytnyh, people, that is the source of heat. Thermal imagers are made in the form of cameras, scopes and binoculars.

One of these has a thermal imager FLIR TG 165, which allows you to accurately measure the temperature, to obtain reliable data from a great distance, to provide equipment to overheat. Unusual, very reliable andThis easy-to-use intuitive interface provides thermal management and laser mark.

The main advantages of the thermal imager FLIR TG 165 is: reliability and ease of use, can prevent the occurrence of failures, the optimal price, the ability to save images to the report, the measurement accuracyI temperature.

It is also close to the listed advantages of the thermal imager it has additional features like multiple operating modes that can be used to record the image and location by GPS. Therefore, paying attention to all the above, with the purchase of a thermal imager is strongly recommendedstand on this kind of device, because it finds its application in various fields: hunting, construction uhoroni public order, tourism and the like. Below you can see   and decide it worth it.

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