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One of the most popular winter sport is figure skating, DGe people skating perform certain movements on the ice with the music. There are four kinds of figure skating: women's single skating, men's, pair and ice dancing. Usually skaters lead the competition with each other, and the judges are selected according desired. Today, almost all the big cities there are schools of figure skating,where you can hone your skills. By the way, You can read about on the site Federation Bryansk region in figure skating:

The first skates

The first skates date back to the Bronze Age, and were found on whiregularity of the Southern Bug, that is, near the city of Odessa. Then they were made of the phalanges of the front legs of horses. Many historians believe that it was the Netherlands is home to manufacturing skates. It had iron tools started in the 13th century. They gave rise to the emergence of this kind of sports like figure skating.

Figure skating in Russia

This sport is also known in Russia since the reign of Peter I. It was he who brought samples of horses from Europe and came to them directly attached to the boots, that is to create a model of modern skates. As an independent sport, figure skating originated in 1865,and after 10 years it held the competition for the first time.

Women's single skating appeared much later. Note that it happened in 1906 and in Switzerland. For women as for men, the rules of execution of movements were the same, but special attention was attracted by the very fulfillment of women's movements. Because ofbut, first of all, is characterized by plasticity, originality and musical movement.

Later came and pair skating. For the first time in this kind of competitions were held in St. Petersburg, where he won the German figure skaters.

A popular this sport has become since 1908,in London where he was included in the Olympic program. At that time, the first winners were the representatives of Switzerland, the UK, Germany and Russia. Over time, figure skating was included in the program of both summer and winter Olympic games.

The gold medal in figure skating unit was providedDick Button for what he first performed extraordinary stunts. In particular, he made a few jumps during turns and other acrobatic elements.

As for ice dancing, they were included in the Olympic program since 1976.

Figure skating - it's not just objectifiedJelenia sport, but also express themselves as individuals. It is an art. If you want to have certain skills, you first have patience and do not be afraid to take risks. Start making some effort on yourself, and then see the result. He might be close to a grand.

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