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Translation - an organization that is primarily engaged in translation yazykov. With the assistance Translation made direct assistance to individuals who do not have special knowledge of foreign languages, experts of this profession. Work is not only excellent knowledge of their own, as well as foreign languages, but the ability to formulate and express the thoughts of others in the original person who does not know her.Among all the services which can provide, the most common are:

  • Translation of texts;
  • Translation of documents;
  • Literary translation;
  • Technical Translation;
  • Petransla- legal;
  • translation of scientific and scientific-technical;
  • The services that are directly related to legal translation;
  • Translation and interpreting all of its forms;
  • Transfer of audio and video materials;
  • Translation, which is carried out during meetings in court;
  • and more.

What to say about the history of translation we can say that the first mention comes from the 646 AD. e. In the biography of a Chinese monk Xuanzang is the exact mention ofthe creation of a translation agency. Next was the reef at-Tahtawi who in 1863 created the BP in Egypt. Also mentioned in 1833 on BP when Mehmet Emin worked Aaly Pasha.

Thus, it becomes clear that translation services have started to use even for a long time. And today all usovershenstVova and improved. It is much better to see a specialist for help for minor money than to suffer alone in the dictionary, and thus accomplished nothing, and only wasted your time.

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