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tutor - one of the oldest(Along with the ancient) professions. Another well-known Greek orator Lysias took a lot of money to help fellow citizens learned eloquence. Did not disdain this kind of part-time work and Franco, Chekhov, Leskov. They all share the fact that now is also characteristic of many representatives of the oldest profession in many countries around the world - not tutors etc.elyatsya part of their income to the state. In the sphere of private teaching practice is not accepted, which means that tutors are in shady business. Given that services are relevant tutors and now, the amount of money circulating in the market, is not reduced. In addition, if we add the so-called « services on receipt&Raquo; (Or simply bribes), as well as to take into account that the relative income of the population is growing, we can only imagine what a huge share of the capital serves this kind of shady business. For example - is a very popular form of part-time work among students of most high schools, and in Kiev, about 10% of all uchitiley provide tutoring servicesand.

Tutoring Market Structure

Today in the market providing tutoring services can clearly be seen in the gradation of the variety of work. On a functional purpose tutors occupy market niches and four are divided into:

  1. those who prepare andbiturientov for admission to educational institutions;
  2. those who assist students in the development of the curriculum;
  3. tutors who provide services to preschool children;
  4. tutors, service providers tend to perform pupila certain kind of problem.

The first niche

This is one of the most dynamic. In the market of such services has been a tendency to seasonality. Demand for this type of coaches increases early in the year and continues until the end of the entrance examinations to universities. Conditionally Sunex teachers of this niche can be divided into the third group.

The first group - « & raquo ;. beginners Among the members of this group - students, graduate students, teachers occasionally secondary schools. These people advertise in the newspapers free ads, post your suggestions on sites on the Internet. Price level proposals of this group is low, but the quality of services is also relatively low.

The second group - experienced tutors with experience. Representatives of this group does not need advertising, students come to them, as a rule, on the recommendations. The process of preparing the futurestudent calls for lessons on a particular system, in addition, the preparation for college and university requirements takes time - all factors that cause the need for such teachers immediately after the start of the school year. In this group of teachers many of these aces methodically faculty profile, scientists behind kotoryh significant contribution to science. Most of these coaches are very responsible approach to business and always focused on results, as the result for them - a sign of Tutoring « brand & raquo ;. The price level is much higher, and thus the quality - not comparable with the previous group.

The third Mr.Rupp - teachers of the university, which is going to enter the entrant. Basically they are the same and will take exams or check written work. Among this group of experienced teachers are not so much. They have the advantage and the demand for them is the fact that these tutors already know in advance the nuances of the examination, the chargeanee can warn students about the topics of written works, and generally assist in the examination. It is - high-priced Tutoring, since their work is entirely focused directly on the result, which also may be associated with the risk for the teacher.

The second niche

In the niche tutors to help students who are working, as a rule, teachers, occasionally there are undergraduate and postgraduate students. Such services generally require children who do not master at the appropriate level curriculum. One, at least - two lessons a week for a small fee - is the specificity of schoolsnogo teacher to student. In other words, less responsibility, more respect from parents. Prices for these services are reasonable and depend on the school subject (for example, the cost of one lesson in a secondary school in mathematics or physics is 3-10 UAH English - 15-25 UAH). It is clear that the price of such atservants tutors specialized schools and high schools are much higher. In addition, an important factor in the location of the school. In the capital and major cities prices are higher than in the periphery, where the institute tutoring developed considerably weaker.

The third niche

Niche rapetitorov working with preschool children, today in Ukraine is still not fully developed yet. This type of service is not available to every ordinary citizen, and many parents do not see the need for such a variety of services. Such tutor who has a certain degree of conditionality can be called Domestic Helper, they On demandare in households where income is above average. This niche business has specific nuances. The fact that the education of his child's parents rather trust, as a rule, people, at least, have a higher education, and perfect for obvious reasons, it is considered a medical and teacher education.

The Fourthniche

Among the representatives, is the fourth niche in our graduation - Teachers, which basically teach their pupils foreign languages. Disciples - those who seek to do business with a foreign partner, or travel on business, but most of those who leave for permanent zhitelstIsland in another country. Tutors occupying that niche - quite highly paid representatives of the class, but to date the demand for them has decreased significantly. This contributes to the reduction in the flow of immigrants, as well as the fact that the market for the provision of such services were an organization where you can quite officiallyorder, for example, a crash course in a foreign language. Tutors - « single » can not compete with such companies, which also have language laboratories, facilities. But the factor to find a specialist « an acquaintance » Yet often works in favor of learning - « single ».

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