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Style Biedermeier as one of the offshoots of Romanticism. Woven from the extraordinary combination of simplicity, balanced proportions, easy intimacy and comfort, it has become the signature of Austrian art. Many designers believe Biedermeier and some provincialOn philistine. However, it made no effect on the popularity of this trend in interior design. &Nbsp;

interior finishes in style Biedermeier is characterized by intimate personal motives, light soothing colors and classical symmetry forms. &Nbsp; Feeling especially simpleora and comfort in the general interior is achieved by painting the walls in white or pastel colors. Can be performed using simple finish wallpaper, with almost imperceptible pattern. Interior in this style encourages the use of natural materials and does not accept a massive decor and ostentation.


The important role in the Biedermeier e plays properly selected furniture. In its basic characteristics should include purely German quality factor, strength, rationality and convenience. Typically, this furniture is made of solid wood and naturalcharacterized by an elegant smooth lines. Turned curved legs of sofas and armchairs, upholstered fabric upholstery and unobtrusive strict pattern, comfortable armrests and functional practicality designs are an integral part of the furniture in the style of Biedermeier . In addition to comfortable sofas and armchairs in interior design AppOlza light elegant chairs, heavy mirror, various shelves and cupboards plain. Successful combination with the classic simplicity of the walls is the presence of the photos. Richly hung pictures in heavy wooden frames   emphasize the style prosperous bourgeoisie.

Finish the floor

The widespread use of natural materials has not left aside and finish the floor. , Or parquet flooring are an ideal solution for any room in the style of Biedermeier . These materials are not only its environmentalcleanliness and aesthetic beauty, but also durability. No less important advantage of these products of wood can be called and the ability to keep the warmth in the room and the comfort of home.

Laminate, known in the world market the company Tarkett, is an ideal floor covering for decoration of any interior. Bendingotovlenny of the best types of wood with a special water-resistant varnish, it is a leader among laminates - centenarians. Collection company Tarkett   are adjusted to a specific style interior. That – this the perfect complement to the style of Biedermeier is a collection. Polaris Style. Made from durable oak and treated with a special coating, it is able to put the final point in the overall interior design. Her moonlight force on – a fresh look at simple things simple.

Parquet board of Magnumalso will not disappoint fans of wooden flooring. This material is manufactured in strict accordance with all European standards, remarkable for its durability, reliability and elegance. Each collection Czech manufacturer impresses the viewer with its uniqueness and originality. In the Style Biedermeier collection fits perfectly Rochade Collection. She successfully emphasize the elegant simplicity of the room and fill it with a sense of   incommunicable home comfort.

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