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Style Kitsch in the interior appeared relatively recently and immediately attracted the attention and interest. After all, the main focus of this style was the ridicule of all existing canons and traditions. Kitsch all their existence denied the meaningfulness of human existence and the importance of the generallynyatyh moral and cultural values.

In the design of the room Kitsch gives preference to the use of color disharmony, unexpected accessories and cheap imitations of expensive materials. In the interior in this stylefor finishing may be needed the most unusual things.

Things necessary for interior decoration in the style of Kitsch

They can become even plastic or polyethylene. Will not go away and faded plastic flowers, furniture&Laquo; wood & raquo ;, fake paintings, stucco and pseudo figurines « bronze & raquo ;. This whole situation is to create a sense of a certain prosperity of their owners. The vast majority of style Kitsch is expressed in two extremes: either too much pompous wealth or terrible I cryschaya poverty. And in both cases, the design looks like a challenge to society and vivid manifestation of shocking.

Rich Kitsch

Rich Kitsch can be expressed in the form of luxurys country houses with carved pinnacles, rounded Romanesque windows draped with modern blinds, living room decorated with a Greek colony, and an electric fireplace. The interior of the rooms in the interior motivated by the idea to emulate the fashionable beau monde. That is why in interior decoration preference bolshomu number of all kinds of jewelry. They can become vivid pictures, stuffed toys, cheap figurines or small rugs on the walls. Combined with all these trinkets can cause bizarre Baroque-style furniture and elegant Victorian fireplace.

Poor Kitsch

Poor Kitsch is a direct contrast to the excessive ostentation rich Kitsch a. He looks more like a wall painting and street life of teenagers. The interior WMSbut the most unexpected things. They may be plastic curtains, bright acidic images on the walls, dilapidated furniture, torn handsets, traffic signs or stickers with beer bottles. Creativity of the modern generation is simply inconceivable. Every man has his sense of harmony and beauty.

The final note

In all these flashy designs have to be the final note. It can play a floor covering. And to emphasize the wealth and pseudo colorful highlight poverty in the state or laminate. These materials are successfully combine the latest design trends and fullyreveal the essence of any style. Flooring walnut if created for the interior in the style of the rich Kitsch , giving the design a certain completeness and elegance. But originality poor Kitsch and easily accentuate the laminate under controlb.

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