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Torrent - eis a service designed for the exchange of information between users of the Internet, which is based on P2P. As you already understood, it would be a major torrent trackers you'll ever need, their audience, performance, cost, etc. dohosy Usually, any resources exist code counter that raschityVaeth attendance and all statistics. Using these counters, you can find almost any site attendance. However, not all allow open access to them, but we will try to determine approximately attendance and other data.

The main content is torrent Tracker

The main content are movies, games, music software, etc. But Most of these files are pirated and illegal use and illegal. The authorities have struggled against it, but every day torrent resources becomes more and more and protivostayatthis is practically impossible. Recall that first comes into force in August « antipiracy law & raquo ;. In this way the authorities wanted to help the court to block access access to the most popular torrent tracker. These trackers nesyat reklamodalyam great harm and one of the main purpose of these was to bolotsya against those resources.

And so. The largest torrent portal in RuNet is torrent Tracker, daily attendance is from 1.5 to 2 million posetItel a day where you can find and download almost any material in different forms. The total cost of this tracker priblezitelno million. Since the files and news on this resource grows daily and with great speed, this can not be reflected as well on attendance and audience. This torrent tracker has been in a very long time, because of what has already proved its popularity and vitality.

Torrent ino

In the second place we have torrent Tracker. Monthly audience of this portal about16mln, and the total cost is $ 7.5 million. Then there is a torrent Portal Attendance approximately 200-250 thousand. Per day. The project cost somewhere $ 3 million. Of course there are many more such great resources which have their place in RuNet. Of course, according to these data, it is not necessary to uvivlyatsyaThat torrent portals every day becomes more and more, because every webmaster wants for himself such a business. And because of this competition every day increases and hold their position becomes more difficult.

The legal content

In order to avoid the illegality of the Internet, many of the measures are carried out. Here we say in 2012 in runet began to appear legitimate reursy in which each of them invested quite a lot of money. Of course, they opened earlier this time, but seriously nastayaschaya began to be used in these times. Such resources over not much, butbut they are flying pretty fast. Here are examples of such portals say:,,, Also, they do not work just as websites, but also on other popular tools too, and this is serious business. Legal content is always good. Of course, it is necessary to spend a lot more money, but it does not have to be afraid of Zachshe and popularity will be much higher than the rest.

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