Features of PC


Profession PC in the labor market is relatively simple andavailable. Depending on the specific duties provided for office, computer operators can work pupils or students, graduates with no experience, or the elderly. Applicant who applies for the position of PC, it is important to be able to quickly and competently to type texts and a good knowledge of basic office programs (Word, Excel, Access). Dovolno PC often useful ability to work with information on the Internet and process large amounts of data.

A feature of PC is that this work can be a starting point for beginners. Employers rarely interested in work experience applicants operators PC. If candidat able to cope with the work Typewriting, he can claim a minimum (for the profession) salary.

Skills and knowledge of PC

PC, which has a special vocational training or sufficient experience, owns Touch typing, mindis to do mathematical calculations using standard programs make tables and graphs to sort data, know 1C   and other more complex programs, often looking for a more challenging job and claims to higher pay. Job PC, which works in the office, similar to the work of the Secretary, he identitye return phone calls, communicate with customers via telephone and the Internet; he must possess competent oral and written speech. But the PC, unlike the Secretary is not engaged in clerical work.


Another feature of the operator PC: employersTeli can offer not only office work full-time (or shifts), but also work on a flexible schedule or a remote and project work. For example, in January 2015 the personnel portal contains current vacancies « PC » (Vinnitsa), in which the employer is looking for remote employees to work at home. This wakansii age limits have not been established and require only minimal skills in using the Internet. The operator will disseminate information about the products and services on the Internet and enter the data on the company's website. Real wages (the proposed level of   — from 1.9 to 10 thousand. UAH.) Will depend on the productivity of pStarted employee.

Personal qualities

For the main personal qualities PC required employers are perseverance, diligence, responsibility and ability to learn. Specialist PC must have a good memory, a high coordination of movements and the ability toyu long time to perform monotonous work.


Powered PC in a sitting posture, with limited movement and constant load on the eyes and spine. Such a feature of the PC indicates that the profession is contraindicated in people withm diseases of the spine, or eyes.

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