Note 30 October Day brown eyes


WAkyem wait for official holidays, if you can think of your holiday. Need a reason to do this, simply go to the mirror and ...   voila   is ready. Decided on October 30 will be named during the day brown eyes. Feast on October 30 called now need to do the preparation and celebration.

Cocktail color of dark chocolate

Good preparation – the success of any party. So, there are plenty of options, as mentioned, you can have fun in the club, you can have a party at home, it all depends on the preference of the mistress of the holiday. In a club or a disco can be noted fun involving all the representatives of brown eyes, thus ask the party theme.

If on 30 October was not very friendly weather and somehow did not really want to poke his nose into the street. Not a problem to arrange a holiday on October 30 « Day brown eyes » home inviting friends, girlfriends. Holders brown eyes should be highlighted on this day. An apartment or a house where there are thematic ChamberRink, decorate with candles color and smell of chocolate or coffee, balls with the image of the eye, you can draw an interesting poster on the theme of brown eyes. Do buffet with dishes coffee color preference, it can be canape with pate, smoked fish, caviar, various salads, and of course a variety of   snacks   with chocolate, cakes, neChenier, the candy. Drinks can choose brown liqueurs, brandy, cocktails, coffee, tea. The main culmination of the evening can be a cake in the form of hazel eyes. For holiday you can think of, and pick up various interesting competitions and entertainment.

Preparing for the holiday

Any ledi knows that the appearance plays an important role in any party. Even if you do not have brown eyes, it's easy to fix beautiful makeup,   make   ap style   Smokey   or thickly painted lashes mascara quality, help a little cheat and be the star of the evening. The main thing is not to overdo it with the makeup and choose the right range as a functioning on the color of the skin and eyes. Try to pick out makeup, one thing, if the eyes are clearly underlined, lip color should be summed in kind, bed color. Spirits can also be selected in theme parties smell of chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg or coffee notes all depends on preference.

Memories of the party

It is possible to come up with a symbolic small gifts to guests who will not forget the date of October 30. Here is limitless imagination may be the subject of cosmetics (mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner), soap with the scent of coffee or chocolate, cards made lyingchnuyu resembling a holiday on October 30.

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