Is it possible to grow vegetables at home?

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If you look in the windows of high-rise buildings, it often can be seen on the window sill different decorativnost flowering plants in pots. It is pleasing to the eye and decorates the interior of the room, but a little apartment owner realizes that these same colors can be easily changed to useful houseplants. To put it simply - to grow vegetables on your windowsill. - Is not a myth and not science fiction, but an objective reality. In conditionsx modern konservatizatsii all sold in retail chains food napichkivaniya them different, no known chemical compounds, such an approach is more than a right to life. Thus, you get a certain percentage of food quality and origin of which we can be sure one hundred percent. It ismu, not every resident of the apartment buildings have some small garden or grandmother in the village, but the desire to eat only healthy food is not going away. If you take this process responsibly, you can get not only the yield, but also a certain aesthetic effect.

How to organize ayraschivanie vegetables at home

Of course, there are some specific requirements and recommendations as to the choice of crops, as well as to the organization of growing conditions. For example, the cultivation is best in the higher and bright areas. Also, the choice of crops can be carried out based on the temperature regimeand premises. For example, in rooms with temperatures in the winter about 15 degrees above zero can be successfully grown citrus, tea tree, greens. At temperatures around 10 degrees successfully grow sorrel, parsley, onion. Also, special attention should be paid to the choice of seeds.

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