What is a contract of assignment of the loan

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The modern world is such that almost Liufight the country, including in Russia, there is a direct and guarantees citizens the opportunity to realize their professional and personal potential by running your own business. In addition to the obvious advantages, this kind of activity directly involves considerable difficulties in achieving the desired result. They may be different bureaucratof sul red tape, lack of markets for products, the lack of money for the necessary action.

In the latter case, the question is often addressed through lending, but it is also often associated with the insolvency of the debtor to fulfill its obligations to the lender for various reasons. In this case,the game can start a third party engaged in factoring, ie the provision of intermediary services in the repayment of debt.

Assignment Agreement

All of these actions are issued officially by drawing. Its essence lies in the fact that the mediator actually buys determinedennuyu part of the rights and obligations of the debtor creditor, thus becoming the new creditor to the debtor.

In fact, the ownership is transferred to a new lender the right to make concessions or the right to claim from the debtor to fulfill its obligations. One of the main conditions for the exercise of such a transaction, the accounting for, etc.AB and the needs of the creditor and the intermediary. In this case, the mediator, repurchase of rights to a loan from the lender pays him 60 to 90% of the debt, while naturally hoping for a certain payment.

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