Exhibition "Education abroad" - a guide to the best schools, colleges and universities of the world!


Today, many are seeking education abroad. Every day more and open up new possibilities. Taking such an important decision as the choice of an educational institution, you should be as knowledgeable about all the pros and cons, it's youre future!   But where to find reliable information? The surest way – is to get first-hand information, ie from representatives of foreign educational institutions. Such a possibility is at all Ukrainian students who can get advice at the annual educational exhibitions. Another such passes   On February 28 the Daypropetrovske where you can learn about all the features of foreign educational providers.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about all educational programs, namely:

1. Vacations abroad

Vacation programs for children – it's a joy for parents and children! Sending a child on vacation abroad, parents will be delighted with the result, because in addition to rest every day children attend language classes. And the child at the same time get a lot of unforgettable emotions. Furthermore, the child will always be under the prismotrom teachers, therefore, you do not have to worry about his safety.

2. Language Courses Abroad

Language courses are designed for students and adults who for various reasons decided to improve knowledgeI am a foreign language. You can choose the program that best suits your requirements. This may be academic foreign language training for international exams, learning a foreign language in the teacher's home, foreign + specialization, as well as many other programs.

3. &Nbsp; Secondary education abroad

Secondary education abroad – this is a good opportunity for your children to settle into a new country and prepare for further study and live in it. Studying in a boarding school or college abroad, your child perfectlylearn a foreign language, and possibly not even one, but will also be academically strong student!  

4. Preparation for university

Preparation for university – is a necessary condition, ieIf you are planning to enroll in one of the leading universities in the world. Most often, after such a program, you can enter in the Top University without taking additional examinations, provided that the educational provider in which you were trained cooperates with the University. Therefore, choosing for yourself., Where the passageit training, pay attention to the list of partner universities.

5. Higher Education

Higher Education Abroad is divided into several branches, namely: Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA. It is important to   take into account allespecially in the country where you are   are going to get a higher education. Differences of all programs and their features you can find on the Exhibition « Education abroad ».

An integral part of the exhibition are demonstration lessons from representatives of foreign educational institutions, thosestirovanie in foreign languages, as well as various workshops!

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