Reception at the gynecologist: what you need to know before visiting

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Each woman must visit the gynecologist twice a year, even if it did not bother. This is a guarantee of health.     will identify the disease at an early stage and thus prevent the development of disease. And it is the basis for the preservation of women's health.  

In addition toof the planned visit a gynecologist there are a number of cases where it is necessary to urgently appeal. Among these cases:

  • planning to become pregnant;
  • selection of the optimal method of contraception;
  • symptoms of gynecological diseases;
  • copious;
  • "spotting" between cycles;
  • suspected pregnancy;
  • itching, burning and discomfort in the labia majora. &Nbsp;

When you visit a gynecologist you certainly hold onShareable examination and take a smear. If necessary, your doctor will refer to the delivery of additional analyzes:

  • infections, sexually transmitted infections;
  • oncocitology (smear) – detects abnormal cells in the cervix;
  • colposcopy –cervical examination under a microscope.

A careful examination can identify at an early stage cervical erosion, the presence of flat warts, indicating the presence of pappilomavirusnoy infection, and bacterial infection. For women taking oral contraceptives or have uterine fibroids, such obslment should take place twice a year. After all, these women are included in the area of ??risk and the likelihood of developing pathological process they are much higher. &Nbsp;

To visit the gynecologist to be effective, must adhere to a set of rules. Compliance specialist will help to objectively evaluate the state of the mucous membranes and isolatedeny:

  • home before visiting a doctor to carry out hygiene procedures;
  • the day before receiving exclude sex;
  • if you used a topical treatment (ie candles), then a doctor should be written no earlier than 3-4 days afterthe end of treatment.  

It is very important during a visit to the doctor to talk about all the complaints: Do not remain silent about sexual relations used methods of contraception, characteristics of the menstrual cycle, with complaints. Despite the fact that the disputed area is very intimate, and many women are embarrassed floorto discuss with strangers, the only way a doctor can give you competent advice and really help solve the problem. All that you need to know to understand the status of the doctor. It is better to prevent disease than to treat it later years. &Nbsp;

In addition, a wide range of medical institutions Dayeie the right to choose. This allows you to find a really qualified person, which will be established rapport and that a woman can be trusted. This is half the battle. In short, if you do not like a female gynecologist advice, feel free to refer to another specialist.

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