How to start the creation of the thesis


Now on the Internet a lot of sites where we canbut ordered a thesis from professionals pen. Of course, it is very easy and tempting way to pass the diploma, but if you value our reputation seriously study and plan to pursue a career in your chosen field, then ordered a diploma for money - very imprudent.

Practice shows that the studioUNT passing grades on written not they work, does much more elementary mistakes and feels less confident than those who wrote himself.

If you choose to write a thesis on their own, then this article will help you to create an initial plan of the project.

The most important thing - is to determine the theme of the work. Less than the Web search engines give complete work on your topic, the better, the teachers had the idea of ??you, as an independent person who is ready for scientific work.

If you plan to continue his career in the specialty, you should choose a slaveOTU, which will form later in your « & raquo ;, portfolio will characterize you as an expert.

The second main point - is the relationship with the supervisor. If you have the opportunity to choose, « who to go & raquo ;, try to opt for a man who will communicate with you. Unfortunatelyyu, it often happens that research supervisor exists only on paper, without taking part in the life of graduate students.

It is very sad, because it will be difficult to defend, too: if you do not work together, then the general understanding of the subject you also do not have the protection and support of such a leader should not wait. < / p>

Do not hesitate to contact the head on all issues. Of course, do not pull on the teacher, who can easily solve on their own. But the scientific research work need to ask, ask for advice, it will show the head of that you are working on a degree on their own, which can not fail to inspire HCAgen.

Locate the pre-workshop. As a rule, the work ends in a state of time pressure, with the urging terms, often at the last moment. Run around town with printed diploma in search of the workshop one hour before the protection will not lift you up in such a crucial moment. Also, you should avoid Unauthorizedno cement job, it creates the risk that the work will look like

s messy, and it certainly is a minus in front of teachers. &Nbsp;    

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