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Today   is one of the safest drugsused in the correction of facial contours and shape of the lips. One of the main advantages of Restylane is its long-term outcome. The effect of the use of this drug is maintained for at least six months. &Nbsp;

By itself, this product is a bio-gel containing the   Hyaluronoic acid is a substance that is in the tissues and the skin of any person. The effect of the use of the tool due to the fact that the particles fall into biogel facial tissue, where water molecules accumulate. This creates a supply of moisture, which helps smooth the skin. Moreover, due to injections of hyaluronic souryou skin becomes supple and hydrated, and most importantly – beautiful. Feedback of the drug persists for 9-12 months. After this period, the procedures performed should be repeated. &Nbsp;

One of the features of this tool is its complete safety for the body. This sredstin perfect harmony with the organic tissue without causing allergic reactions. In addition, the dosage is not some critical parameter. If necessary, an additional injection to make before resolve the previously entered amount. But this requires consultation with specialized professionals. It is also worthnoted that the injection of Restylane is often accompanied by the use of an anesthetic cream, thanks to which the patient will not experience the unpleasant sensation of pain. Despite the fact that use of this agent is safe procedure using Restylane should only perform a professional cosmetologist. This allows eobitsya most effective results.  

What is the recommended procedure, the more often the drug is used for lip augmentation. With Restylane can give lips a light swelling, making the patient more feminine. Furthermore, this means may be used to eliminate wrinkles and warehouseok around the lips.  

It is also a tool used in the process of lifting, eyelid, skin rejuvenation, face correction, removal of nasolacrimal furrows, nasolabial and glabellar wrinkles, age-related changes and brow. This drug is often used during the procedure contouring. He introducedunder the skin very thin needles. This makes it smooths wrinkles, furrows and wrinkles on the face. Restylane injections can get rid of small facial wrinkles and shallow wrinkles on the forehead. In conclusion, it should be noted that the use of the tool is possible only after consultation with a specialist. &Nbsp;

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