Choosing a wedding cake


Wedding - one of the most important days in the life of a girl, so each pair Plagneruet festival to the smallest detail. However, the organization of the wedding - not a simple matter and the young will have to face many problems. In this article, confectioners from Krasnodar   told that you need to know when.

First of all, the wedding cake should be beautiful, so first tell about the design of avadebnogo cake.

Decorating wedding cake


Options decorating desserts very much, but the wedding cake to decorate cream or paste. In the first case, when you make the cream just add all sorts of beads, nuts, fruits or berries. This cake looks natural, and you can choose any stuffing, at your discretion.


The second option - mastic. It is a sweet plastic mass that has a specific taste and smell. Using dyes, mastic can acquire absolyutno any color that allows to realize any fantasy suite. Mastic prepared using large amounts of powdered sugar, so it tastes very sweet and not everyone likes. In this case you can use for decorating marzipan. It has the same consistency and also has a pleasant almond flavor and aroma. From matics and marzipan can make all kinds of shapes, colors and various small parts.


The use of the bride and groom figurines has become a tradition. Such figures may be edible (chocolate or mastic), and none (plastic or porcelain). In addition, young couples hourthen asked to produce figurines swans or create edible fake wedding rings.

Multi Layer cakes

huge popularity of tiered cakes. Number of levels depends on the weight and composition of the cake. Small cakes (5 kg) is usually made as single; 5-6 kg - dvuhyarusnymi; 7-8 kg - Three-tiered; more than 9 kg - chetyrehyarusnaya. An indispensable condition to the lower tier consisted of sponge cakes to the upper layers have not failed. Cakes with light fillings (souffles, mousses) and 7 kg heavier cakes usually put on special « multistory » coasters.

Cakes for propernym sketches

More and more young couples prefer exclusive cakes on his own sketches. The site can be viewed already created desserts from the patisserie in Krasnodar. Now this festive dessert can be any color or shape.

Do not be afraid to show imagination when choosing such an important attribute of the wedding, like a cake. Good luck!

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