When should I pay attention to the steering rack Ford

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Cars American auto giantFord and considered to be one of the most reliable, secure and cost-effective in the world. Each element of the vehicle, each of its smallest detail, the node is studied and tested to the smallest detail, in order to reduce to a minimum the effects of force majeure on the road caused, both subjective and objective circumstances.

One of these key components in the construction of any car Ford is the steering rack. This gear unit, which is the link between the steering (wheel) and wheelbase, allowing rotation of the steering wheel turns the wheels turn in the car, that is, to manage it. Despite the reliable, allits quality can be partly offset by low driving culture (as well as training) drivers, as well as complex, at times, road conditions (meaning the condition of the roadway). Consequently, it happened that the steering rack Ford, as well as any existing mechanism in nature from time to time (or as needed) requires remonta and maintenance.

There are several basic features in identifying which should be immediately given to the steering rack:

  • lack of effort of resistance when you turn the steering wheel;
  • misalignment angles and steering wheels;
  • the presence of noise, a knock on the rail;
  • strong vibration steering;
  • lack of self-resetting wheel to its original position after rotation;
  • spontaneous cranking the steering wheel.

The technology of repair steering rack Ford, in fact, nothing special is different from the repair of such units in vehicles from other manufacturers, and consists of the stages of dismantling rail, its disassembly, troubleshooting and reverse mounting.

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