Advantages and disadvantages of waxing

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In today's world, women concedes nothingso men, no, practically, such professions where women would be unable to work, they occupy senior positions in large companies, run by the state, fly into space and sink to the bottom of the sea, to defend their homeland with arms, catch criminals and manage transport . They have achieved equality with men. But women look goodabout and beautiful like always and at all times.   Unwanted hair     and therefore prevents many of them wants to get.

It should be noted that this problem is still worried beauties yew 3 years ago, Cleopatra and Nefertiti have then used a wax mask, by the way, quite successfully, and those masks are still ca.enyayutsya modern women at home.   Fashion for smooth skin on the eastern women successfully picked Europeans. And the main reason - hygiene in intimate places. But later in the open areas (legs, arms, face) steel body to remove hair.

In order to be beautiful and attractive women spend a lot of effort and BPYemeni. Fun and not so cheap, various trips to the beauty salon and spa, take a lot of money and time, but our women will « commit any exploits » just to be attractive.     Many women with growth     unwanted hair on different parts of the body, fight     independently using bRitva and     various creams for hair removal. But the rapid development of cosmetology today led to the creation of various modern means of hair removal (wax, laser, photo, Electrical, Qool, AFT).


Of all these methods can be called more common inPossibility to remove hair with wax. And do Dunn. procedure is better in a professional studio, rather than trying to hold independently home. Detail about waxing tell us Artemyev AP - employee Piterskoy studio depilation « Aurora ».

WaxingI – This epilation through heated wax which, as a cream, is applied to the desired site. Wax hardens, and then hands or special paper strip is removed along with the hair.

The main advantages of waxing are:

  1. Regular facialsurs make hair soft and thin, hair begins to grow not so thick;
  2. Waxing does not irritate the skin;
  3. Epilation can make yourself at home;
  4. Not a high price.

But there are drawbacks waxoic epilation:

  1. The procedure painful;
  2. Self-extracting hair removal does not guarantee uniform;
  3. hair breakage under the skin or on the surface;
  4. You can get a skin infection with noncompliances precautions.

It should be noted that there are a lot of people against the removal of body hair, they believe that all given to us by nature must be taken with gratitude. Which way to take, whose advice to follow, to you, dear girls and women, as long as you feel good and without complexes.

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