What is a thermal printer


Thermal - a printer that allows you to print labels thermo-wayUsing the heating method. With its help labeling labels that have no industrial barcode. It is possible to print any digital-alphabetic information. For this printer uses a special thermal paper, which is heated by heat and cools and darkens showing showss. Thermal sensitive to heat, sunlight, pressure and ultraviolet. The service life of approximately 2-3 years. Some models are equipped with modern software with which you can pre-designed layout, stickers with the necessary information and attributes. Thermal printers are usedPrint graphics, digital-alphabetic information on polymer labels, barcode labels on containers and plastic tags. By the way, buy thermal please visit the company "System Co., Ltd.":.

thermal printers are divided into classes, which have different features and capabilities. There are different speeds andprinting performance, as well as various options such as cutter, smotchik finished label separator, with real time clock and others. Printers also vary according to the method of printing: thermal transfer and direct printing. In printers with direct printing using heat sensitive paper. The image is applied to the heated thermal head. This termoetiketka is not persistent and short-lived and is used if the product is not exposed to extremes of temperature, prolonged use, and environmental influences. This short-lived products with a shelf life. For goods or equipment which have a long life use thermal transfer printing. This method of printing is more expensiveBecause it uses an additional intermediate tape. The thermal head, in which case the intermediate heat tape (ribbon), and it in turn is transferred to the label.

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