How to draw a bunny


Drawing is one of the most creative and excitinglessons at any age. This is a great way to creatively organize their leisure, and for children - this is one of the essential stages of development. In the process of drawing the child develops not only intellectual, creative, creative abilities, but also fine motor skills and coordination, visual memory, and the main thing - the imagination. One of the most favoriteCharacters who often like to portray our children is Bunny.

In order for a child to master drawing this character, you must consider a few simple guidelines and phased implementation work. In terms of wording, all this may seem complicated, especially for a young child,but in fact there is nothing daunting - here.

Drawing bunny, like any other character, to start with the outline contours, highlighting key areas, such as the head, chest and back. After defining the basic contours, you can start additional sketches the contours of the body (lapok, muzzle, ears, tail). After the basic contours were defined, you can proceed to step study of the real circuit, which is created in pencil, by the stroke distance around the base elements.

draw the real body shape of a bunny, denoting his face and eyes, you are ready to finalnomu stage, which is the detailed study of all the remaining elements (hair, antennae, eyes, fingers, and so on. d.). Little effort and perseverance, your baby will be able to create your first artistic masterpiece.

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